Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughts from SL's users about sculpts.

I posted two threads asking questions regarding sculpts:

The responses are very valuable. We see a few common complaints about sculpts:

1) Sculpts take a long time to load
Part of this is due to a good number of sculpts being unoptimized. I already have an in-depth tutorial on this mostly written, and will publish soon to help out with this. The other cause is in SL's code and the way it deals with images, and can only be fixed by giving LL some :argh:

2) LOD unpredictable and poor
This is a matter of sculpt design. However, I feel that I should give customers detailed information on my sculpts in the info viewable before purchase. Specific distances that it retain shape to a reasonable degree under both medium and high mesh detail settings. I also plan on making more stuff that retains shape on LOD2 and 3, and not use LOD0 and 1.

3) Texturing options in full perms sculpts iffy
This is something that I can do a lot about in my products. I had wondered if there was significant call for this. In the future, my sculpt packs will contain a new texturing system that includes baked ambient, shadows, bump/normal, and specular all as separate textures so they can be layered in photoshop and modified individually.